Understanding the Basics

Phonic Readers

A series of books to help children learn to read in a short period of time.

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Level 1- Word Families

A set of 10 books. The first 6 books have words and pictures for each word family. Books 7 to 10 have word lists without pictures. This encourages the children to concentrate on reading the words without the help of pictures.

Level 2- Phonic Words and Pictures

Set 1 and 2

Each set consists of 10 books.

Set 1- Books 1-4 have mixed words with pictures. Books 5 and 6 have mixed word lists without pictures. In books 7-10 each page has 2 words with pictures and a phrase to connect the words.

Set 2- Words with pictures and phrases.

Level 3- Early Phonic Stories

This set is to be given to children after they have completed levels 1 and 2. A set of 10 books with simples phrases using only 2 and 3 letter phonic words and phonetic sight words.

Each book has a simple story using simple phrases. Attractive pictures help the children with comprehension.

Level 4- Phonic Stories

Set 1 and 2

Each set consists of 10 books

These books will help the children to read with confidence as they have already practiced reading the first 3 levels of the phonic readers.

These books have short sentences using 2 and 3 letter phonetic words and easy sight words (the, to)

Each of these books also tells a story and has pictures to help children comprehend what they are reading.

Level 5- Phonic Words

Phonetic words with 4 or more letter.
A set of 10 books with phonetic words that have 4 or more letters, with matching pictures.

Level 6- Phonic Stories

Set 1 and 2

These books consists of short stories using phonetic words with 4 or more letters and pictures. A few chosen sight words are included to help the children become familiar with them.

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