About Elsie's Learning Well
Why I created Elsie’s Learning Well


In my journey as a teacher and student (as I keep learning through my experiences), I have met many teachers who are stuck in a rut. They are looking for fresh ideas, seeking out new ways to reach out and teach children.

Mahesika Tennakoon



I am an educator with over 30 years of experience teaching in Montessori Schools, and over 15 years of educating adults as head lecturer at Newborough Teacher Training Institute. 

I have conducted lectures in Canada, Vietnam and Panama for teachers.

As a teacher of children ages 2 ½ to 6, I have had the privilege of helping children to open their minds to the many possibilities in life.

By showing children to work with hands-on material in a Montessori classroom, as well as making extra activities to enhance their learning, I have had the satisfaction of seeing the wonder in their eyes as they experience the world around them.




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